We are R5 Bakery-Cakes By Shupan, owned and operated by Steve and Karen Richards, and Gary and Shupan Abraham. We are pleased to offer a local bakery in the Lithonia community, and look forward to establishing an enduring presence here and beyond. We pride ourselves on our creativity, flexibility, quality, and service.

R5 Bakery-Cakes By Shupan was birthed as a result of a passion for baking and cake decorating by its owners.

Black owned bakery in Atlanta

Steve and Karen have been baking for nearly 2 decades, and were encouraged by friends to take their products to market, especially the awesome Jamaican Black Cake. As their clientele grew for that and many other favorites (Bun, Carrot Cake, Banana Cake, Bread Pudding), it became increasingly difficult to service them without a dedicated store front.

Shupan found herself in a similar situation after nearly 2 decades of baking and decorating. What started as a curiosity turned into a passion, and eventually, a business.   She started her Cakes by Shupan business and rented temporary space at Delis and other eateries on an as needed basis to service her clients. From birthday cakes to specialty cookies, from wedding cakes to graduations, Shupan became known for her custom designed theme cakes.
Having known each other for years (kids played soccer together) and with both parties in the market to take the leap to the next level, they came together to form R5 Bakery-Cakes By Shupan. The Lithonia location seemed ripe for a full service bakery, and here we are.

We look forward to serving this community and encourage you to give us a try.
You won’t be disappointed.


8034 Rockbridge Road
Lithonia, Georgia 30058

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(470) 539-4310


R5 Bakery - Cakes by Shupan is one of the most sought after and prestigious bakeries in Atlanta. Despite this, we remain affordable. Our mission is simple- to amaze and delight our customers with cakes and baked goods that taste as wonderful as they look.