Supply List

Basic Cake Decorating for Beginnings – Class 1, 2, 3, 4

Student Supplies List

Student cake decorating kit – INCLUDED

Disposable decorating bag uncut (12)

Featherweight decorating bags (2)

Tips – 1, 3, 12, 16, 18, 21, 104, 352, 230, 1M, 2D, 233

Tip brush

Standard couplers (4)

Spatula – small straight, and angles, large straight and angled

8” cake

10” cake circle (2)

10” cake box or a cake carrier from home

Long serrated knife to level and torte the cake



Decorating brush


Gel colors (at least 2)

Buttercream icing (2-32oz containers)

Mixing bowls (4)

*Sheets for practice board – will be provided

Small squeeze bottle 3 oz

Parchment paper

Piping gel

Practice board

Flower nail – #7

Tools In Your Kitchen

Airtight plastic container for your icing

Apron (optional)

Container for supplies

Damp cloth or sponge

Pen/pencil and a notebook/pad

Plastic bag to put used cake decorating items in

Plastic bowls for different icing consistencies (stiff, medium, and thin) – 4

Teaspoon, tablespoon, fork, butter knife



Paper towel

1 ½” wax/parchment paper squares (about 10-15).  Put in zip lock bag.

Gallon size plastic bag for cleanup.