R5 Bakery-Cakes by Shupan would like to support you and your non-profit organization in your fundraising efforts.
We offer two basic fundraising programs.

Bake Sale

Our base fundraising program is for organizations of 150 or more people. For a setup fee $40, R5 Bakery-Cakes by Shupan will customize a menu of your choice and set up the items for sale at a site of your choice. You sell the product, and your organization gets 30% of the proceeds. Whatever doesn’t sell, R5 Bakery-Cakes by Shupan picks up. It’s that simple. Funds are disbursed no later than a week after the conclusion of the event, and will be specified in the contract. Call to inquire about specifics for your organization. We’d love to work with you.

Concession Services

For organizations with concession stands, you allow R5 Bakery-Cakes by Shupan to sell products at your concession stand over a negotiated period of time, and get 20% of the proceeds, all at no costs to you. For this program, R5 Bakery-Cakes by Shupan will determine the product mix and quantity and set up the product display with your approval. Your staff sells the products, and whatever doesn’t sell, R5 Bakery-Cakes by Shupan picks up. Funds are tracked by R5 Bakery-Cakes by Shupan and disbursed at the end of the negotiated period. As an added bonus for our charity customers, we encourage you to sign up for our constituency program, where we will contribute 10% of the gross sales made to members of your organizations from R5 Bakery-Cakes by Shupan. Simply encourage your constituents to make R5 Bakery-Cakes by Shupan their bakery of choice for all their bakery needs, and on a quarterly basis, receive your 10%. Make sure everyone remembers to specify your organization’s name on the order form when ordering. Only bakery orders qualify for this bonus.


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R5 Bakery - Cakes by Shupan is one of the most sought after and prestigious bakeries in Atlanta. Despite this, we remain affordable. Our mission is simple- to amaze and delight our customers with cakes and baked goods that taste as wonderful as they look.